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Content and benefits

We support companies in the professional process of terminations. This concerns in particular long-standing employees who are burdened in other areas (e.g. health, private, finance) in addition to their professional problems.

We accompany the affected employees in order to quickly identify and competently address any problems that may have been triggered by the termination of employment. The possible involvement of family members or partners is a fundamental part of our approach.

Through effective coaching and advice, we accompany employees in the change process, help them activate their resources and accompany them from the development of future-oriented goals to new career perspectives.

At a glance

Model Termination support
Termination support + short-term coaching

Model Outplacement Pur

Model Outplacement Plus
Termination support + Outplacment

Model Outplacement Executive
Termination support + Outplacment

Preliminary discussion/order clarification

  • Assessment of the need for support

Termination support/Outplacement

  • Individual consultations
  • Regional throughout Switzerland
  • In German, French, Italian, English

Duration consulting process

Until 3 days after termination

By phone

Outplacement: 6 months

3 months individual consultation/coaching + 3 months by phone

Termination support + Outplacement: 6 months

3 months individual consultation/coaching + 3 months by phone

Termination support + Outplacement: 8 months

4 months individual consultation/coaching + 4 months by phone

Termination support

  • Cooperative preparation of the termination meeting with the customer
  • Psychological support for the employee on site on the day of termination

Short term coaching

  • consultation appointments by phone
  • Initiating next steps

Consulting and coaching in the change process

  • Reflection on the current situation
  • Health, social environment, resources, performance
  • Work (environment, requirements, leadership, satisfaction)
  • Experience, development
  • Analysis of termination
  • Development of new professional perspectives

Professional career assessment Perspectives and target development

  • Self- and external assessment
  • strength/weakness profile
  • Competencies, achievements, values
  • Job application documents
  • Network, Social Media
  • Selfbranding
  • Definition of target function and target companies

Job search and positioning on the job market

  • Search and application strategy
  • Job research
  • Dealing with recruiting agencies
  • Preparation of termination story

Professional completion of the application process

  • Negotiation strategy
  • Decision making
  • Preparation for the new professional environment and the new job

Accompanying a new beginning

  • Support and coaching during onboarding and probation period

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