Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Scope of services

Content and benefits

We consult and coach employees in a solution-focused manner in dealing with conflicts and coping with challenging life circumstances and other stressors that represent a health risk and lead to a loss of performance.

The RehaSuisse Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) can be supplemented with the Business Health Check. This makes it possible to sensibly and effectively combine different levels of the company and occupational health in order to support the performance and motivation of employees.

Our innovative services offer practicable solutions, provide information about possible risks and help to avoid or reduce the financial effects of absences such as costs for substitutions, recruitment, dismissals, loss of production, loss of reputation and insurance (daily sickness benefits insurance (KTG), Disability Insurance (DI/IV) and Pension Fund (PK)).

Consulting and Coaching

Our professional, confidential consulting and solution-focused coaching is based on the proven problem-solving approach of the Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto.

Prof. Dr. Paul Watzlawick, Mental Research Institute, MRI, Palo Alto

In contrast to the lengthy search for the causes of the problem, this approach focuses on the present and the future.

We coach in the development of alternative actions. The resulting solution-focused behaviour enables our clients to redesign their current situation and take a different perspective on the problem they have experienced. The experienced self-efficacy also forms an important basis for health prevention.

Digital support

For employees

Innovative tools are available to all employees, from online registration to the final feedback option.

For line managers and HR managers

This exclusive online platform offers relevant information and advice on specific human resources issues at the earliest possible stage.

For HR management

The online HR cockpit makes the dynamics behind the various developments (real-time, current and historical) visible and comprehensible. This approach focuses on the present and the future.

Professional analyses - Integrative measures - Scientific evaluation

The consulting process is reviewed both formally and in terms of content. Statistics and reports provide qualitative and quantitative results. Thus, the analysis of current and potential problem areas and the definition of key topics
made possible.

With the optional integration of the RehaSuisse Business Health Check, relevant connections between problems at the employee level and challenges at the organizational level can be recognized early on.

By merging the data from the RehaSuisse Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and the Corporate Health Check, we generate insights that allow a high degree of generalisation. These are ideal conditions for the implementation of suitable preventive measures.

The subsequent scientific evaluation creates the basis for a continuous improvement process.

At a glance

Model Standard

Model Standard Plus

Model Professional


Creation of an individual concept for the implementation of "EAP”

Advice for employees

Confidential advice for all employees in four languages (German, French, Italian, English), in person, by telephone or online

  • Information events
  • Online platform
  • Feedback possibility

Online help "Solutions”

Online consulting for the clarification of problems through personalized solutions available for all staff

Blog "The Bold Life"

Online journal with regularly published articles on relevant topics

Platform for line managers and HR (online)

Information and coaching on specific topics

HR Cockpit (online)

Company specific information (in real time, current and historical)

Business Health Check

Annual analyses for early detection of problems and challenges in the company

Evaluation – quantitative

Annual standardised short report on development and usage characteristics

Evaluation – quantitative and qualitative

Annual detailed report and presentation with concrete recommendations for practice 

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