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With the RehaSuisse Business Health Check, we detect employee problems at an early stage and identify challenges at the organizational level. We then derive preventive measures, implement them professionally and evaluate them scientifically.

Our preventive measures are effective both within the employee and organisational levels, as well as in interaction (top-down/bottom-up). Among other things, this helps to avoid or reduce the possible financial impact of absences such as costs for substitutions, recruitment, dismissals, loss of production, loss of reputation and insurance (daily sickness benefits insurance (KTG), Disability Insurance (DI/IV) and Pension Fund (PK)).

Professional analyses

The analyses are carried out by means of standardized questionnaires and are usually performed at times T1 and T2. The data collection is done online and takes about 10-15 minutes.

Level employees

Absences due to illness often become apparent even before the occurrence of an event, including in the form of presenteeism. Symptoms and suffering of burdened employees are recognized, while at the same time effects on motivation, productivity and absences are recorded and appropriate measures (prevention or adequate offers) are initiated.

Level organization

Organizational units with special burdens (such as working climate, technological changes) are identified, the effects on employees are recognized and appropriate measures are initiated.

Preventive measures

With our preventive measures, self-efficacy and leadership competence (prevention, employee health, early recognition and the ability to act in case of absences) are strengthened in a targeted manner. This makes employees and the company as a whole more efficient and contributes to sustainable success.

Level employees


On request, employees under heavy pressure can receive confidential, goal-oriented coaching to develop alternative actions. The resulting solution-oriented behavior enables them to redesign their current situation and take a different perspective on the problem they are experiencing. The self-efficacy experienced also forms an important basis for health prevention.

Level organization


Our workshops show how uncertainties with regard to presenteeism and absences can be resolved at an early stage through appropriate measures. Through professional and healthy leadership (culture, dealing with conflicts, illness and termination) and the application of existing HR processes (recruitment and onboarding processes), reasons for presenteeism or absences can be reduced and the associated costs reduced or avoided.

Scientific evaluation

The data collection and evaluation are both quantitative and qualitative. The comparison of the results at the first and second points in time is recorded in a report, allowing an assessment of the effects of the measures and enabling targeted adaptations. This creates the basis for a continuous improvement process.

At a glance

Model Standard

Model Standard Plus

Model Professional


Development of an individual concept for the implementation of Business Health Check


Anonymous data collection in four languages (German, French, Italian, English)

Evaluation time T1

Detailed report and presentation with concrete recommendations for practice

Measures – Coaching

Voluntary, confidential coaching for all employees on the basis of the analysis results

Measures – Workshops

Targeted workshops for managers

Evaluation time T2

Detailed report and presentation after completion of the measures

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